Welcome to Boldt Castle: a Virtual Tour
Boldt Castle & Heart Island in the 1000 Islands Region

Boldt Castle & Heart Island in the 1000 Islands

Boldt Castle is part of the love and the lure of the 1000 Islands region of the St.Lawrence River, and has been for over 100 years. Its past stands for the grandeur of the late 19th Century. Visitors from all over the world have walked down paths meant for George and Louise Boldt.
They’ve wandered through rooms
planned with love and care, they have wondered in awe at the man and the woman for whom this beautiful castle island was meant to be a dream come true. But is in fact – a tragic love story.
Now you too can tour the castle and explore the island grounds. You can visit the island structures and learn the history of Heart Island. You can read about the tragic love-story which ended this romantic tale, and you can discover much much more inside…..Boldt Castle: a Virtual Tour!

How to use this website

There are no real secrets to using this website. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your visit. Remember there are three main parts to the site – the Virtual Tours, the Stories, and the Photo Albums (below) and there are many stand-alone pages. Note that on every page there is a navigational bar running along the bottom or side of the page, but with over 350 pages in this website, you may still find yourself lost in which case you can always click on the ‘SITEMAP’ Link, which will take you right to the site map for Boldt Castle: a Virtual Tour. The sitemap is a complete listing of pages that the website contains. It will make it easier to figure out where you’ve been, or where you might want to go.


Take one of the Virtual Tours offered inside of any of the Heart Island structures. Walk the island pathways, & view the beautiful Italian Gardens and the underground servants tunnels. Visit Boldt Castle, the Hennery, the Arch, Alster Tower and the Power House, Clock & Chimes Towers. And discover the treasures inside the Boldt Family Yacht House!

Here you can read one of many stories relating to Boldt Castle and its historical significances. Learn the history of Heart Island, read about the people who influenced George Boldt’s life, and read the famous ‘love-story’ from which this all began – you can even read a little bit about
George & Louise Boldt!

View one of my many photo albums inside, which contain well over 170 photographs of Boldt Castle and Heart Island. See close-ups of the buildings, details of the craftsmanship, and rooms inside structures that were never made available to the public before. See Boldt Castle at night and view behind-the-scenes construction photos of the new stained glass dome skylight, which I helped co-design, build & install!

Let’s get interactive!!
>>> This site may be fun now, but only with your interactivity will it be anything special. Visit the message board for new posts. Have a topic or story you want to talk about concerning your experiences with Boldt Castle? Have a question that you want answered? Visit the message boards now and start a new topic!

FREE Boldt Castle Greeting Cards!!
>>> I would also like to bring to your attention our wonderful selection of Boldt Castle greeting cards that you can send to a friend or relative. Select from one of many views of the castle and other island structures. We don’t have only Boldt Castle cards here either – we also have a large selection of images from other points of interest located in the 1000 Islands and St. Lawrence region!

If you’ve already been lucky enough to have been sent a card, you can click below to retrieve it and/or send one to someone else.

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