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Building and maintaining a website the size of ‘Boldt Castle: a Virtual Tour’ requires many long and hard hours to accomplish.
(it’s not that hard but it’s definately a demanding task)
Expanding the website requires even more dedication and commitment, and yes.. many more long hours!

I fully intend to expand this website, and keep it running for the enjoyment of those who share the love of Boldt Castle – and for those who have never been there before, and this is there first exposure to it. This is going to be a big job!

There are, however, some things which YOU can do to help us out with this project.
There are even things you can do to help out Boldt Castle itself!

If you’d like to help this website out, or help further the ongoing efforts of the Thousands Islands Bridge Authority to restore Boldt Castle, then read this page:

Here’s how you can help:

If you love Boldt Castle, and have enjoyed this website and think it deserves recognition, please feel free to nominate this website for any special ‘web awards’ that you may think is appropriate. We love awards!!

If you have a webpage, we would really appreciate a link to Boldt Castle: a Virtual Tour! Just go to our Link To Us page for instructions. When you add our link, drop us a line to let us know!

If you like helping people, drop by our question and answer discussion board. There are always Boldt Castle related questions waiting to be answered. You don’t have to be an expert to participate here! It’s just Boldt Castle fans helping other Boldt Castle fans!

Have you visited Boldt Castle? Do you have information about Boldt Castle that you would like to share? Then tell us all about it in ‘Heart to Heart’, our question and answer discussion board. We’d like to hear about your first-hand experiences!

If you have information or photos of Boldt Castle, know a bit about designing a webpage and would like to be a part of the Boldt Castle: Virtual Tour realm, then please, by all means, let us know!

We desperately need your Boldt Castle photos! Of course, we require that these photos are owned or copyrighted by you and that we are allowed to use them. One more thing, for this project they must also feature you in them! If you do have some and wish to share them with us here at Boldt Castle: a Virtual Tour, feel free to submit them to our Castle Photo Archive!

Make suggestions, point out problems such as broken links and stuff, send us your ideas, tell us how much you like Boldt Castle: a Virtual Tour, join our mailing list, etc. Help us out in anyway you can! We simply appreciate it!

Word of mouth is a valuable tool too. Never underestimate the power of infuence on curious ears. Share this website with those who you feel will enjoy this website. Pass it on – tell a friend!!

Okay – that stuff was easy, anyone can do it. But here’s where we seperate the fans from the friends!
Right now we need ‘Friends of Boldt Castle’.
As you have seen in the website, Boldt Castle and the island properties fell into a sad state of near dis-repair.
The T.I.B.A has done a wonderful job rehabilitating the island structures, and restoring many of the Heart Island properties; including the castle itself.

As you have also seen, many more years of work are needed – and alot more money!!

Only the net proceeds from the tourist operations at Heart Island are being used to maintain and improve the property, and as you must imagine – that doesn’t go far!

Through this website, and with cooperation from’s Honor System, I have set up a special ‘From the Heart to the Heart‘ Fund – in which visitors to this website can voluntarily make a donation that will be given to the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority to be used to help further their efforts. You can help restore Boldt Castle!!

If you’re interested in helping to support Boldt Castle, simply click in the box below and you will be taken to a page where you can read more about this special ‘From the Heart to the Heart‘ Fund!

Contributors to this fund can be assured that NO part of this money will be seen by me!


‘Boldt Castle: a Virtual Tour’ also needs friends! This website takes alot of time and effort not to mention materials – (and time isn’t free) There are certain things I would like to do to improve this website, one of which being to purchase a domain name so this website can have a home of its own. That would make it easier and faster to navigate through this site, and provide better tools to run the site. I would also like to get some software to aid in producing quality graphics from my pictures so that I can share them with you.
The following box is for those who wish to be our ‘Special Friend’.

Supporting this website means alot to us and will ultimately mean alot for you, especially if you plan to return to this site again and again. Simply click in the box below and you will be taken to a page where your contributions will be handled.

And, just so you know… for every $5.00 contribution to this website – ‘Boldt Castle: a Virtual Tour’ – $1.00 will be donated to the ‘From the Heart to the Heart‘ Fund.
For every $10.00 contribution $3.00 will be donated to the fund!

Wanna be listed as a ‘Friend of This Website’ and get your name recognized on our special thank you page?
Just contribute twenty dollars or more to ‘Boldt Castle: a Virtual Tour’ and get your name mentioned on this site and in our newsletter!

One more thing?? Kind of on a personal side, but we here at ‘Boldt Castle: a Virtual Tour’ website, are collecting Boldt Castle-related souvenirs. The older the better – old postcards, maps, pictures, whatever you may have or come across. Send me stuff, along with a little story, and it will be mentioned in our newsletter, and featured on the website!!
Soooo…. SEND ME STUFF!! Whoo Hoo!!

See who is listed as a
Special Friend of Boldt Castle: a Virtual Tour

are YOU a friend?

would you like to be?

If you are interested in becoming a ‘special friend’ of Boldt Castle: a Virtual Tour, and getting your name listed on the ‘special friends’ page – get more information here. You’ll be glad that you did!


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