Boldt Castle Photo Albums

There are literally hundreds of photographs in these photo albums for you to enjoy. Relax – grab a cup of coffee and wonder at the beauty and splendor of Boldt Castle, and the Heart Island properties. If you have any images that you would like to share with us, please do so, we would enjoy seeing them and sharing them with others. But before you send anything to us please make sure to read the guidelines for submitting your image here first.

Exterior Views

The picturesque Boldt Castle looks awesome from every angle.
View many exterior images and close-ups such as rooflines and turrets. View the castle from every angle and on every side.

view exterior photos

Interior Views

Fragile plaster ceilings and elegant oak woodwork abound inside the castle. View close-ups and details such as elegant wood-carvings and pictures of some of the restored rooms. See some of the rooms needing work and imagine the work left to be done.

view interior photos

Island Structures

See all the buildings on Heart Island here.
View extra pictures of not only Boldt Castle itself, but the Hennery, Alster Tower, the Gazebo, Arch de’ Triumph and the Powerhouse, Clock & Chimes Towers. See island debris and leftover materials from the original construction site.

view island structure photos

Arts & Craftsmanship

From the hand-chiseled stonework to the delicate plaster ceilings and fragile stained glass dome, the castle grounds is covered with arts and craftsmanship. View some of the many ‘hearts’ located all around the island. Or some of the family crests. View many other examples of fine craftsmanship throughout the island, here.

view photos of craftsmanship

Stained Glass Dome

George Boldt dreamed of an awesome stained glass dome hanging almost 100 feet above his grand staircase. His dream was never realized until June, 2001. Now you can see it up close and personal and view many behind-the-scenes pictures of the constuction of the dome that you won’t find anywhere else.
Watch us as we paint the sky over Boldt Castle!!

view stained glass dome photos

Island Gardens & Pathways

5 acres of splendid island grounds surround Boldt Castle. View them all here, from the duck ponds and boat docks to the shell-fountain and the servants tunnels, to the beautiful Italian Gardens.

view photos of the island gardens & pathways

Heart Island Nighttime Shots

View pictures of beautiful Boldt Castle and Heart Island at night. I was lucky enough to sleep at the castle a couple of nights and while I was there, I took these shots.

view nighttime photos

Black & White and “Fun” Images

Many of my digital images look great after using special affects processes. I have included this album to showcase some of them. I think the black and white shots are particularly striking!

view b & w photos

Miscellaneous – Boldt

I have several pictures of Boldt Castle and the island which I didn’t exactly know where to place. I thought that ‘miscellaneous’ just about covered the topic.

view miscellaneous boldt photos

Miscellaneous – Other

Here you will find a collection of images from around the 1000 Islands Region of the St. Lawrence River. View historic places such as Wellesley Island, Oak Island, and Sunken Rock Lighthouse. You will also find important buildings such as the Waldorf-Astoria, Bellevue Stratford, and Hart House.

view other miscellaneous photos

Boldt Castle Slideshows

I’ve taken some of my favorite pictures of Boldt Castle, Heart Island, and other places in and around the Thousand Islands region of the St Lawrence River, and put together slideshows for your viewing enjoyment. Choose from several different slideshow categories, and send your favorite images to your friends or loved ones using our FREE Boldt Castle greeting card script!

view the slideshows

Submitted Photos

I am very happy to receive any Boldt Castle/Heart Island related photos that you may want to share with me. If you have any images from YOUR special trip – please send them to us!

view submitted photos

Submission Guidelines

We would gladly accept your pictures and videos for use on our website, but before you send us anything for inclusion, please take a minute to read up on the requirements that we have.

read the guidelines for submitting your images

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