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If you would like to write me a message, the quickest way for it to get to me is by using the contact form below. This will automatically send your note to my email inbox. However, you can’t include any file attachments or custom HTML or anything like that. Just plain text.

Send Me An eMail!

If you would like to contact me by using email, or to submit your photographs, stories or experiences, then please use the email address below to write to me.


The large majority of emails I receive are repetitive questions about Boldt Castle and the website
These questions should be directed towards the FAQ section of this website.

see Frequently Asked Questions Here )

Let’s Hear From You!

I have provided two links for you below. One link is to sign my guestbook and one is to view what others have said.
Please take just a few moments to let me know what’s on your mind and what you feel (if anything) needs improvement on my website ‘’

And please make sure to keep your comments clean!


Hart To Heart Discussions

If you are interested in joining in an ongoing discussion about Boldt Castle, Heart Island, George and Louise Boldt or even the Thousand Islands or St Lawrence River, you may want to check out our discussion board. It’s located here. You are welcome to come in and view posts or leave a question or comment yourself. Check back often and see what others are saying about these topics – and more.

And of course, if you’d like to send us something by mail
(we accept old Boldt Castle Postcards, Boldt Castle Books, and basically anything related to Boldt Castle) you can send it to us at the following address:

Boldt Castle Website, P.O. Box 151, Decaturville Tn. 38329

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Special Friend of Boldt Castle: a Virtual Tour

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If you are interested in becoming a ‘special friend’ of Boldt Castle: a Virtual Tour, and getting your name listed on the ‘special friends’ page – get more information here. You’ll be glad that you did!


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