Chronological Timeline

1851(April 25)-George Charles Boldt is born on the Isle of Rugen, in the Baltic Sea.
1862-Louise Augusta Kehrer was born in Philadelphia Pa.
1864-George Boldt emmigrates to New York City at age 13, and goes to work in a hotel kitchen.
1873-The Thousand Island House, in Alexandria Bay N.Y., was built.
1875-Alfred Graham Miles was born in New York City.
1876-George Boldt was hired to work at the famous ‘Philadelphia Club,’ owned by Louise Kehrer’s father. Romance soon ignites between young Boldt and even younger Louise.
1877(June 14)-Louise Kehrer and George Boldt get married.
1879(February 4)-Charles Boldt Jr. was born.
1881-George Boldt purchases a large residence on the corner of Broad and Walnut streets in Philadelphia, and calls it the ‘Bellevue Hotel.’ Soon after, members of the ‘Clover Club’ adopt this as their ‘clubhouse.’
1883(October 31)-Louise Clover Boldt was born.
1888-George Boldt purchases property across the street from the ‘Bellevue Hotel’ and opens the ‘Stratford Hotel.’
1890-‘Hopewell Hall’ was built. George Boldt makes an influence on William Waldorf Astor.
1893(February 18)-Elizur Kirke Hart dies.
1893(March 13)-William Waldorf Astor opens the Waldorf Hotel. George Boldt asked to manage it, which he does remarkably well.
1894-The Thousand Island Club was organized.
1895 or 1897-This is where you need to check the date. JJ Astor opens the Astoria Hotel next to the waldorf.
1895(June 21)-Edward Wallace Dewey purchases Hart Island from Louise S. Hart (Elizur Hart’s Widow).
1895(July 1)-Edward Dewey transfers ownership of Hart Island to Louise A. Boldt (George’s wife) for $1.00
1896-The Hennery (or Dove-Cote) was built. Construction begins on the Boldt’s ‘playhouse,’ the Alster Tower.
1899-The Arch part of the Peristyle was under construction.
1899(July 15)-Alster Tower formally opens at a banquet given to the banker’s association.
1900-The old summer ‘cottage’ gets slid across the frozen St. Lawrence River to make way for the construction of Boldt Castle. The cottage was used to build the ‘Wellesley House,’ and the ‘Thousand Islands Country Club.’
1900-The three-sided clock gets added to the Clock Tower, signaling the completion of the Power House.
1902-(September)-George Boldt tears down his Stratford Hotel to make room for the Bellevue-Stratford.
1904-(January 7)-Louise A. Boldt dies. George Boldt orders construction to end on the castle. The island fell silent.
1904-(June 21)-George Boldt purchases ‘Florence Island’.
1904-(September)-The Bellevue-Stratford opens.
1907-Louise Clover Boldt marries Alfred Graham Miles.
1910-(February 21)-Clover Wotherspoon Miles was born to Louise Clover Boldt and Alfred G. Miles.
1910-(July 26)-Louise and Alfred divorce.
1912-(July 13)-George Boldt purchases Hopewell Hall.
1915-(July)-Talks circulate about selling Heart Island and its properties to the United States Government for a summer home for the Presidents.
1916-(December 5)-George C. Boldt dies in his room at the Waldorf-Astoria.
1918-Boldt Castle opens to the public. This sets off the beginning of over seventy years of vandalism and continued deterioration of the island properties.
1922-(June)-Entire Heart Island estate sold to Edward J. Noble, inventor of ‘Lifesavers’ candy.
1923-(August 1)-The old ice-house on Heart Island burned to the ground.
1924-(Springtime)-Marble pillars originally meant for Boldt Castle, show up as part of the front porch of the ‘New St. Lawrence Hotel,’ in Alexandria Bay N.Y.
1925-(June)-E.J. Noble purchases the remaining Boldt properties, except for ‘Hopewell Hall.’
1929-The Waldorf and Astoria buildings were torn down to make way for the Empire State Building.
1931-A new Waldorf-Astoria Hotel was built on Park Avenue in New York City.
1939-(August 6)-A large fireworks display over Heart Island resulted in the complete destruction of the roof of the Power House, Clock & Chimes Towers, when it caught fire by a stray spark.
1942-Tons of steel and scrap iron were ‘salvaged’ from Boldt Castle and Heart Island in an effort to ‘meet the need’ of the nation for metal to carry on the war.
1950-The Wellesley House, where the Boldt family stayed during the construction of Boldt Castle, was torn down.
1963-(May 30)-Louise Clover Boldt Miles died in her home in N.Y. City.
1977-The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority takes over ownership of Boldt Castle and other Boldt properties, from E.J. Noble Foundation.
1977-The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority undertakes a large and expansive restoration and restabilization project on the island structures.
1991-The Power House, Clock & Chimes Towers opens to the public, after complete restoration efforts.
1993-(January 12)-Clover Wotherspoon Miles Boldt dies.
1993-The Swan Pond and sea-wall were restored, and extensive docking has been added to accomodate the growing numbers of visitors to the island. Also, the Dove-Cote (or Hennery) underwent a full restoration.
1994-The Thousand Island Club (or the Golf Club House) gets purchased and lovingly transformed into ‘Hart House,’ and elegant Bed & Breakfast.
1996-The Boldt Family Yacht House once again opens to the public.
1996-Hopewell Hall is sold and its contents were auctioned off.
1997-Original dining room furniture from Hopewell Hall (and which originally came from the old summer cottage on Hart Island) is donated to the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority, where it is proudly displayed in the dining room of Boldt Castle.
2000-The Grand-Staircase and Landing are completed in the large, main hall of Boldt Castle, using ten-thousand pounds of white Georgian – Cherokee Marble.
2001-(May)-Installation of the completed Stained-Glass Dome Skylight, and lighting installation.
2001-(June)-Installation of the large, 9-foot tall bronze stags (or harts) high atop the Arch part of the intended Peristyle.
2001 – Current – In the past few years numerous improvements have been accomplished, including rehabilitation of the Power House, Dove Cote, Heart Island Gazebo, Alster Tower, the Boldt Castle Yacht House and the main castle. As of the 2001 season, the Heart Island Entry Arch is adorned with three, seven-foot tall stags (or deer) which are symbolic of the Boldt family crest.
Recent improvements to the main castle include the installation of 1,700 square foot of marble flooring in the grand lobby, and completion of the grand staircase and the stained glass dome in the upper ceiling. Last year saw the complete rehabilitation of the ballroom and completion of the original elevator. Other interior spaces that have been completely rehabilitated include the library, billiards room and reception room.
Another new feature to the Heart Island properties is the completely restored overlook, consisting of an elaborate 170-foot granite retaining wall on the island’s terraced grounds. The retaining wall and overlook are reinforced poured concrete punctuated with turrets and faced with native granite stone.
Last year witnessed the complete rehabilitation of the dining room, and restoration efforts continue to be made by the dedicated Thousand Islands Bridge Authority, current owners of Boldt Castle and the Heart Island properties.

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