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Heart Island

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boldt castle photo

The gray granite turrets and red tiled roofs of Boldt Castle, rise high above Heart Island in the waters of the St. Lawrence River. Located between the mainland village of Alexandria Bay and Wellesley Island. Never completed, George Boldt built this castle as a ‘tribute to his love,’ for his wife Louise. Rising six stories from the foundation level of the indoor swimming pool to the highest tower room, an elevator was to serve over 120 rooms. Steel and concrete roofs provide fireproof construction. Massive granite walls were richly ornamented with decorative details of cast terra cotta, and delicate mouldings adorned the ceilings.

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 heart island photo

A rocky crest of the island was extended into a level plateau by making a promenade terrace atop the stone-walled service tunnel. In contrast to the more ‘natural’ character of the landscape elsewhere on the island, this detached garden was to be geometrically formal, so high retaining walls were raised on all sides, making the plan symetrical. Marble statuary was delivered from Italy (found 70 years later, still crated, sunken within the old boathouse) and was intended for viewing in these lovely Italian Gardens. Brick paved walkways allow visitors to stroll the five-acre island, which features landscaped lawns and ornamental flower gardens.

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power house photoThe Boldt’s intended to electrify the island when they aquired it, and had their architects design this facility where coal, which would be brought by barge, would fire-up steam generators, within a diminutive towered chateau. An arched, stone bridge originally connected the Power House to the island, and the highest tower provided river traffic with illuminated clock faces and the music of chimes. The chimes, it was said, could be heard up to four miles away.

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 alster tower photo
Built between 1897-1899, Alster Tower (sometimes called ‘the playhouse’) rises 90 feet tall and offers a splendid view of the many lush islands in the area. Unlike Boldt Castle, this whimsical ‘recreational’ building was completed and occasionally occupied by the Boldt family, during the years when the castle was being erected. The building included a ballroom, library, full kitchen and many apartments. The basement level conatins a two-lane ‘Brunswick’ bowling alley.

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