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Internet advertising is effective because it reaches people who are actively looking for what you offer. They see your ad as a result of a search for information about Boldt Castle, the 1000 Islands, the St. Lawrence River region, Northern New York, Eastern Ontario, or a number of related search “keywords” that are indexed to
The site receives nearly half a million visitors annually; an average of more than 1000 visitors per day from all over the world.

A large percentage of these visitors are planning their next vacations. They are looking for things to do, places to stay, places to eat. So why not tell them about your place here.

Chances are, if your business is located in the Thousand Islands region it is already listed in our Free Directory. We offer three types of paid advertising: Paid Directory Listing, Banner Ads, and Featured Sites.
Following is a brief description of each.

Free Directory Listing For Your Business

As our internet visitors come to the website they have the opportunity to search our directory via different categories listed on the main page or by visiting the different communities on the side of the page. As they visit these pages they are given a list of businesses within the respective search. Our business directory grows continually and now you can be part of it for FREE. We offer a NO COST listing for any business within the thousand islands region. With this listing your business name and address are displayed. It may look similar to the example below.

Paid Directory Listing For Your Business

Enhance your free listing, and give searchers the information they need to select your business. In addition to your name and address, this upgrade includes your logo, your regular and toll free phone numbers, a clickable email address, a “Learn More” link to your website, a link to an interactive map so visitors can find you fast, a highlighted background to make you stand out from other listings, and as much space as you need to tell prospects about your business. Your Business Description can be a sentence or two, or several short paragraphs. Below you can find an example of this type of directory listing.

Banner Ads
A banner ad has two major benefits. One, it appears on several pages, so every one of our visitors–more than a thousand a day–will see it. Two, it’s an inviting link to your website. It’s powerful, and cost-effective. Banner ads are 120 pixels X 60 pixels. We will create your banner at no extra charge, or you can send us one you already have. On receipt of your order, we’ll contact you to make the necessary arrangements.

Featured Sites
Notice the Featured Sites area on the right side of a page, just below the banner ads. Featured Sites are like banner ads without the banner. They appear on several pages, so that every visitor can see them. Your Featured Site listing is a clickable link to your own website.

The cost of reaching the largest audience of people searching the Internet for information about Boldt Castle and the Thousand Islands Region is pennies a day.

Free Directory Listing for your business FREE

Paid Directory Listing for your business $124.00
per year

Banner ad $279.00
per year

Featured Sites $195.00
per year

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