The Gazebo On Heart Island

Located close to the waters edge, next to Alster Tower, is the gazebo.
The Gazebo is a beautiful stone and wood structure designed for many pleasurable summer evenings spent entertaining or dining in it.

Stone pillars support a uniquely designed roof, which includes holes in the peaks, allowing homeless birds to nest inside of them.

The Gazebo didn’t always look this nice. After 73 years of neglect and vandalism, this building suffered as well as others on the island. The photo below shows what it looked like prior to restoration. The gazebo was restored in 1993, thanks to the caring, ongoing efforts of the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority, who took over ownership of Boldt Castle and Heart Island in 1977.

Set against a backdrop of beautiful trees, sparkling waters of the St. Lawrence River, and Boldt Castle itself, the Gazebo seems a perfect setting for a romantic summer wedding. With gentle breezes blowing softly across the island, and with plenty of space for a reception, it is no wonder that Heart Island hosts between 45-50 weddings each season. There is no charge for using the property either. Wedding guests pay only the regular island admission fees to cover chairs, set-up and clean-up services.

What a wonderful way to make Heart Island part of your life experience!

For more wedding information please click here.

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