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Heart Island

– at A Glance –

gazebo  photoThe Gazebo has become a popular place for newlyweds to get married and start their lives together. Set against a backdrop of the beautiful Heart Island grounds, and the blue, sparkling waters of the St. Lawrence River, the Gazebo is an inviting gathering spot for wedding parties, graduation parties and picnics.

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 heart island photo

Close by the Alster Tower is the stone Arch, or ‘Peristyle’ (an open space enclosed by a colonnade). Built in 1899, the Peristyle was built of huge masses of granite and was to include double rows of columns which would enclose a covered walk, extending from each side of the Arch. Costing $25,000, the Peristyle also enclosed a duck and swan pond in which rare ducks and black swans would be swimming about.

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power house photo A short distance from the Castle is the Hennery, sometimes reffered to as the Dove-Cote. It was the first structure built on the island by the Boldt’s when they were living in the old frame cottage before the castle was built. Rising sixty feet tall, this unique structure is 24 feet in diameter and has walls 2 feet thick.

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 boat house photo
The Boldt Family Yacht House, located across the water, on Wellesley Island, was the first of these remarkable buildings to be put on the National Register of Historic Places. The Yacht House accomodated the family’s three yachts, an enormous house-boat, and many other types of watercraft. The main space rises 64 feet to accomodate tall masts and rigging, in slips 128 feet long. Quarters for crews and maintenance staff were adjacent, as was a shop where racing launches were built and serviced. $900,000 was spent on the stabilization and restoration of this building alone, and on June 21, 1996 the Boldt Family Yacht House was opened to the public.

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