Dark Island

Singer Castle On

Dark Island

Was built in 1904 by Frederick G. Bourne.

Singer Castle at Dark Island: Was built in 1904 by Frederick G. Bourne.

It was formerly called “The Towers”. Mr. Bourne was a former Singer Sewing Machine executive. This summer home, built of granite quarried at the Oak Island stone quarry, cost $500,000. It is located on Dark Island about halfway between Alexandria Bay, NY and Brockville, Ontario, Canada, very near the Duck Cove Cottages.

In 1962, the castle was willed to LaSalle Military School, Oakdale Long Island, which is operated by the Brothers of the Christian Schools Order. Mrs. Alexander D. Thayer of Gwynett Valley, Pennsylvania, daughter of Mr. F.G. Bourne, deeded the property to the Brothers for one dollar due to a dispute over assessment of the island by the Town of Hammond. The building, on the 7 acre island, contains 42 rooms, with covered passage from the mansion to the boathouse and many underground passageways. For many years the island had its own power supply, but in 1969, a submarine cable was installed from Cedar to Dark Island. Next owners were Dr. and Mrs. Harold G. Martine, who operated non-denominational church services and retreats on the island. The present owners, an investment group from Germany have opened the castle to public tours. The castle can be accessed by your private boat or by tour boats out of Alexandria Bay, Morristown or Blind Bay.


Over 2,000 loads of topsoil were brought in to cover the eight acres of rock.

An American Tale
Tons of granite quarried from nearby Oak Island were brought over ice and water in 1902-1904 to construct Singer Castle (and at the same time Boldt Castle). Mr. Frederick Gilbert Bourne who resided at the Dakota Apartments, New York City was a self-made millionaire. The Bourne family had a 1,000-acre summer estate in Oakdale, Long Island. Mr. Bourne wanted to surprise his wife Emma and their children with an island ‘hunting’ retreat. He purchased Dark Island and had designed and built the castle originally known as "The Towers” for a cost of US $500,000. Italian stonecutters were engaged to shape the granite for the 4-story, 28-room castle, 4-story Tower, and an elaborate boathouse (one of three) which housed a workshop and powerhouse and one of Bourne’s steam-powered vessels, the tunnels, turrets and other curious architectural details including a 2-story ice house – essential for fine entertaining at the turn of the century, dungeons and underground passageways. Over 2,000 loads of topsoil were brought from Canada to cover the eight acres of rock.



Bourne’s summer neighbor on Ingleneuk Island, the famous American painter and sculptor Frederic Remington, wrote that he could hear construction work as the Castle was being built. Being a good neighbor, he sent a bouquet of flowers to his new neighbors upon completion.



American beaux-arts architect Ernest Flagg (1857 – 1947) designed the Castle after inspiration from Sir Walter Scott’s novel about Woodstock Castle (1832) in Scotland. A leading architect of his time, Flagg was busy with his other clients such as Andrew Mellon and had also completed two buildings for Bourne’s employer, the Singer Sewing Machine Co. One of these buildings was the Singer Tower which rose 47 stories tall and served as the tallest building in the nation for six months.

Frederick Gilbert Bourne was born on December 20, 1851, and while in his teens started working in the offices of Clark O.N.T. (Our New Thread) Company. (In the late 1800’s, George Clark developed the first thread that was suitable for use on sewing machines.) One night when hearing him sing, Clark invited him to perform for his business associates. In this way Bourne was introduced to the leaders in his field. Gradually Bourne worked his way up in the business to the head offices of the Singer Sewing Machine Company and became its Director and President at the young age of 36. Bourne also held the position of Commodore of the New York Yacht Club.



The Castle, originally called "The Towers", served as the perfect setting for entertaining Bourne’s contemporaries, personalities no less famous as Cornelius Vanderbilt and Vincent Astor. Bourne was fond of fast automobiles and speed boats and like to travel at a very fast pace. (He was once arrested for driving 25 mph in New York in his 1906 Mercedes!) He commissioned designs for a number of steam vessels, some of which can be seen at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton. He was remembered as a keen businessman and very charitable to his community. He and wife Emma had 9 children. Bourne died in March, 1919.

Singer Castle Dining Room. Click to enlarge.

Singer Castle Dining Room. Click to enlarge.

What thrilling tales the castle could tell…
The marvels of the island and castle become apparent on arrival. Some of the highlights to see and experience:

– Jutting up behind the southern boathouse stands the now 5-story Clock Tower with four 6′ ft diameter clock faces. A local folklore is that they are made of solid gold! This functioning timepiece has Westminster Chimes that sound every 15 minutes.

– Singer Castle ‘s massive medieval entranceway with Knights of Armor standing guard beside the enormous marble fireplace. A marble stairway leads up to the former Breakfast Room where large Gothic windows frame the breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River . Large ships pass in the Seaway almost close enough to touch.

– The walnut-paneled Library with many original books has a secret panel connecting to passages inside the walls. The Drawing Room features elk, caribou, deer and moose mounted on the four walls. A portrait on one of the walls tips back so the host can spy on his/her guests from the secret passageway. Grates for spying on guests are built into the walls!

– Experience the lifestyle of ‘yesteryear’ by viewing the interior furnishings such as Italian hand-carved ornate tables and chairs, wrought-iron chandelier, brass lamps, oak cabinets, bronze work, lithographs, paintings.


The Northern Boathouse built for a 100' steam yacht.

– Currently under renovation is the northern Boathouse with a slip 18′ by 125′ was built for the 100′ steam yacht. The boathouse also contains the original powerhouse with generator room, battery room, water and fire pumps and screw jacks to raise the yacht from the water for winter storage.

– Out buildings under renovation include the Ice House and Squash Court . Tunnels connect smaller buildings on the island!

Sun-filled Room Inside Singer Castle. Click to enlarge.

Sun-filled Room Inside Singer Castle. Click to enlarge.

singer02_sm click to enlarge.

singer02_sm click to enlarge.

Open Saturdays and Sundays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the last tour leaving the South Boathouse at 4:00 p.m.

Open 7 days a week 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the last tour leaving the South Boathouse at 4:00 p.m. Sunday, June 22nd through Labor Day.

Open Saturdays and Sundays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the last tour leaving the South Boathouse at 4:00 p.m. through October 12th.


You are invited to join their 45-minute guided tour of Singer Castle on Dark Island, including four floors of the Castle featuring the Great Hall, Library, Dining Room, Breakfast Room, Terrace, Drawing Room, Loggia, Wicker Room, Bedrooms, Guest Rooms and 4th floor Dormitory. All tours are Guided Tours and will be provided from 10:00 am on the hour with the last tour leaving the Main Gate at 4:00 p.m. Guided tours of the Castle are open to the public at a cost of US $12 per adult, $11 for Seniors (Age 65+) and US $6 for children aged 4 to 12. Children under four years of age are our guests; however, young children must be carried by adults. (No strollers are allowed within the Castle). Canadian rates are available. Please note: Walking and climbing stairs are required to view the interior of the castle. Comfortable shoes are recommended.

Singer Castle Video Viewing Room
Those who do not wish to participate in the guided tour are welcome to watch a video of Singer Castle in their video viewing room at no charge, or may shop in their Gift Shop. However, to stroll the grounds one must pay admission and be accompanied by tour guides.

Gift Shop
Their gift shop, located in the South Boathouse, offers a wide range of items for every member of the family. Items include: Embroidered Singer Castle sweatshirts, hats, t-shirts; Scottish Heather Gems: sterling silver jewelry crafted in Scotland, River Beads, a jewelry collection made by local artisans, unique limited edition castle prints, note cards, and postcards, souvenir glassware, puzzles, toys, stuffed animals, collectibles, medieval giftware; Frederic Remington prints, posters, souvenirs and much more. You are invited to browse.

Please be aware…
Due to the continued Historic Preservation of the Castle, no beverages, food, animals (unless service dogs) or smoking is allowed in the Castle or
on the grounds. Smoking is only permitted on the Main Docks. Tours include
walking up to the castle and multiple steps. No one is allowed in the Castle
unless escorted by a Singer Castle Tour Guide. We ask that small children be
supervised by their parents at all times and if they become troublesome and
disruptive to the group, children and a parent will be asked to depart the
group. Due to the many steps of the castle, no strollers are allowed inside
the castle and small children must be carried by adults.

No still or video photography is allowed inside Singer Castle and still
photography only is allowed on the castle grounds.

Boat Transportation

Singer Castle is located on Dark Island in the United States and is only accessible by water. Visitors may find transportation on either a tour boat or by personal boat or watercraft. Tours are currently offered by Uncle Sam Boat Tours with U.S. departures from Alexandria Bay, NY and shuttle service from Schermerhorn Harbor. Call 877-253-9229 for reservations and schedule information or visit http://www.usboattours.com. June through September the Historic tour boat Morrisania will leave the Morristown, NY Town Dock at 10:30 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Saturday & Sunday’s for a 1.5 hour cruise on the St. Lawrence River to Singer Castle. Call 315 375-8213 for information and reservations.

Canadian group departures can be inquired at 1000 Islands Seaway Cruises at 800-353-3157 or http://www.1000islandscruises.com and Heritage 1000 Islands Cruises 800-353-3157 or http://www.1000islandscruises.com with Canadian departures from Brockville and Rockport.

Please call boat lines for departure locations and schedule departure times. Many boat lines offer combination packages with discount Castle admission.

Private Boaters Welcome, over 600 feet of dock available. Dockage is free with tour or while shopping in Gift Shop. A dock attendant will direct you as to where to tie up. If you are coming for a tour plan on arriving at least 15 minutes before the hour to allow time for purchasing your tickets.

A view of Singer Castle from the side. Dark Island.

A view of Singer Castle from the side. Dark Island.

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