George Boldts Obituary

The following text is an html version of a PDF file of George Boldt’s death. You can read this page and then download the original PDF file here. It’s presented here only as an easier way to read the article. This article was originally published in the New York Times, on December 8, 1916.

Pay Funeral Honor

To George C. Boldt

Fifth Avenue Trade and Traffic

Halt as Cortege Move’s

to St.Thomas’s.


Men of millions and employees join

in sending Floral Tributes to

Hotel Man’s Memory.

Men of millions rubbed elbows with bellboys and waiters at the funeral of George C. Boldt, proprietor of the Waldorf-Astoria, yesterday. In the massive bank of flowers that filled the chancel about the altar of St. Thomas’s Church, Fifth Avenue and Fifty-Third Street, where the serices were held, the largest wreath was one of white lillies from the waiters of the Waldorf. Checks signed in Wall Street paid for flowers all around it. Hundreds of notables were among the mourners.

Before the services at the church, there was a simple ceremony at the Waldorf-Astoria, attended by members of the family, employees of the hotel and a few intimate friends of the maker of the modern American hotel. The services were conducted by the Rev. Dr. Ernest M. Stires, rector of St. Thomas’s. A string trio from the hotel orchestra played.

The funeral procession left the Thirty-Fourth street side of the hotel. As it passed it was noticed that the Altman store and other Fifth Avenue establishments had been closed while it passed. All traffic on the avenue was halted when a motorcycle policeman, riding three blocks ahead of the hearse gave the signal. Inspector Myers had charge of the police arrangements.

The cortege reached the church a few minutes after 11 o’clock, just as the choir had finished singing “Abide With Me.” Then the procession moved down the aisle, the honorary pall-bearers being President Jacob Gould Schurman of Cornell University, George F. Baker, Elbert H. Gary, Charles M. Schwab, Judge Frank H. Hiscock, Seymour Van Santvoord, Stuyvesant Fish, Seward Prosser, T. De Witt Cuylar, James H. Edwards, Dr. G. M. Hammond, T. A. Gilespie, Frederick G. Bourne, J. G. White, George T. Wilson, Emerson McMillin, and Charles B. Alexander.

The coffin, of silver and bronze, a counterpart of that which held the body of Mayor Gaynor, was covered with a blanket of red roses, Mr. Boldt’s favorite flower. During the Episcopal service, conducted by the Rev. Dr. Stires, the choir sang “Lead, Kindly Light” and “Hark, Hark My Soul.” Burial was in the Boldt mausoleum in Woodlawn Cemetery.

While the services were being held, all classes at Cornell University were suspended for an hour in honor of Mr. Boldt, who was acting head of the Board of Trustees. There was issued at the institution at Ithaca yesterday also a tribute to Mr. Boldt, by President Schurman. The President compared his career with that of Henry W. Sage and Ezra Cornell. “The interuption by death,” the statement of Dr. Schurman said, “of his devoted work for Cornell, is a loss now impossible to estimate.”

Delegations from many societies and corporations attended the services. There were more than 300 members of hotel men’s associations and delegations from the Equitable Life Assurance Society, Lincoln Trust Company, Cornell Trustees, Sigma Phi fraternity, Waldorf-Astoria and Bellevue-Stratford Hotel staffs. Fifth Avenue Association, Pennsylvania Hotel Association, Knollwood Club, Rubenstein Club, Eclectic Club, and other organizations. Among the well-known hotel men at the church were John McGlynn of Troy, President of the New York State Hotel Men’s Association; M.W. Newman, President of the Philadelphia Hotel Men’s Association; J.M. frazier, manager of the Bellevue-Stratford; E.M. Statler of Buffalo, Jacob Messner of Rochester, F.W. Rockwell of Albany, and E.M. Tierney of Binghampton.

Among those at the services were Vincent Astor, Valentine P. Snyder, E.H. Outerbridge, Nikola Tessa, frank A. Munsey, Sheriff A.E. Smith, William H. Edwards, Dr. Louis Livingston Seaman, Harry J. Luce, Walter Merall, W.S. Koch, Thomas Spratt, John D. Crimmons, John B. Lunger, William Alexander, Leon Orr Fisher, ex-Governor John A. Dix, Louis Stern, Thomas W. Slocum, Thomas E. Kirby, Gustavus T. Kirby, Gage E. Tarbell, William E. Taylor, Poster Clyde Shannon, Dr. Charles H. Eaton, George W. Burleigh, Joseph H. Emery, Colonal A.F. Schermerhorn, Robert F. Dowling, Commissioner R.A.C. Smith, I.W. Day, Thomas McGill, Simeon Ford, James B. Regan, and W. N. Hallock.

Those at the private service at the hotel were the immediate friends of the family.

George C. Boldt Jr., received yesterday, this message: “I beg to express my sympathy and condolence on death of your esteemed and lamented father.” — John Cardinal Farley.

All day flags on all prominent buildings along Fifth Avenue were at half mast.

This article was originally published in the New York Times,
on December 8, 1916.

read the original PDF file here.

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