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What Boldt Castle can provide for your special day:

  • Electricity at the ceremony site
  • Changing/waiting room for the bridal party
  • Use of, and arrangement of chairs
  • Portable public address system, upon request

Wedding Party’s responsibilities:

  • Transportation arrangements for the wedding party and guests to and from Heart Island
  • Arrangement of Clergy or Justice of the Peace to perform the wedding ceremony
  • Arrangements for additional flowers, runners, etc. that you may want for decoration
  • Full payment to the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority on the day of the ceremony: U.S. Funds $6.50 per guest (rates subject to change)

More Details:

  • Wedding ceremonies held on Heart Island/Boldt Castle are permitted during normal business operating hours and will be limited to 150 persons including the wedding party, guests, and musicians, etc.
  • All weddings will be scheduled for the outdoors. Outdoor sites for wedding ceremonies will be limited to the Heart Island Gazebo.
  • In the event of inclement weather, the Boldt Castle Veranda will be used. If severe weather is encountered, the Boldt Castle Dining Room will be utilized, however, only for the shortest duration possible.
  • The Boldt Castle Grand Staircase is not available for wedding ceremonies or wedding pictures.
  • Wedding ceremonies are accorded 1 and 1/2 hours at the designated site. There may be a wedding scheduled ahead or after yours. As an example, if your wedding is scheduled for 2:00pm, the wedding party can only then begin to move on the site and decorate, etc. If you wish to decorate or have your guests arrive early, you may want to have your ceremony begin somewhat after the confirmation time. It is very important to understand that however you decide to begin your wedding ceremony, the 1 and 1/2 hour allocation begins with the confirmation time.
  • Wedding site decorations must be pre-approved by Boldt Facilities Management.
  • It is the responsibility of the wedding party to have the decorations removed immediately following the wedding ceremony.
  • Receptions are not available on Heart Island.
  • Alcohol is not allowed on Heart Island during regular business hours.
  • The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority, owners of Heart Island/Boldt Castle, reserves the right to move any wedding ceremony to an alternative site or location if it is deemed necessary by the Boldt Facilities Management due to planned or unplanned maintenance and rehabilitation programs, improvement projects and public safety.
  • Charges for wedding ceremonies on Heart Island/Boldt Castle are consistent with regular admission rates and each person, including wedding party and guests will be charged at this rate: $6.50 Adults and $4.00 Children ages 6-12. No other discounts, coupons, etc., apply for wedding ceremonies.
  • Full payment to the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority is due on the day of the ceremony. Accepted method of payment is cash or check from a NY State Banking institution.
  • For further information or questions regarding wedding ceremonies at Boldt Castle please call 315-482-2501.

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