Stand Alones

Boldt Castle Statistics

  • date of construction: 1900-1904
  • cost: 2.5 million dollars (1904)
  • dimensions: 170 feet long by 160 feet wide
  • architect: hewitt and hewitt of philadelphia
  • materials: native reddish-gray granite quarried on nearby oak island, mortar and steel
  • 150 men quarried stone from george boldt’s own oak island, to supply materials for construction of the castle
  • woods: light oak, dark mahogany and walnut imported from europe
  • marble: pinkish-white marble imported from italy
  • roof tile: original tiles were cement. current ones are red clay
  • 30,000 square feet of roof tile is required to cover the roof
  • power: electricity was generated on the island in the adjascent power house
  • hot and cold running water was supplied to the castle from the power house
  • castle rises six stories, from the foundation level of the indoor swimming pool, to the highest tower room (the water tower)
  • contains 127 rooms with 30 bathrooms, 16 fireplaces and 365 windows
  • walls are 2-feet thick and completely fireproof
  • door and window sills are constructed of red potsdam sandstone
  • castle includes four small towers 40 feet high, two towers 60 feet high, and the larger (water) tower rises to 75 feet
  • slabs of granite measuring 8 feet by 14 feet by 8 inches were cut and used in the construction of the castle. slabs 20 feet long were cut for steps
  • dome: opalescent stained glass colored green, pink, and light blue. hangs 80-100 feet above the floor
  • over 300 stonemasons, carpenters and artisans worked to construct boldt castle
  • over $14 million dollars have been spent so far, in continuing restoration and rehabilitation efforts
  • over 230,000 visitors tour boldt castle and heart island
    during it’s six-month season

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