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Foundation Plans

The Foundation (Basement Level)

And First Floor Plans inside

Boldt Castle on Heart Island


1. Hall
2. Passage Way
3. Swimming Pool
4. Lounge
5. Passage Way
6. Organ Mechanics
7. Storage
 8. Boiler Room
 9. Passage Way
10. Tunnel To Grounds
11. Dressing Rooms
B – Bakery
E – Elevator Shaft
F – Fireplace

Click on the name of a room above to view it. This will open up a new window. Just hit the ‘X’ button to close out and return to this page.
Shaded Areas Are Closed To The Public

Access to the basement level is gained by a flight of stairs located directly under the main, grand staircase on the first floor of Boldt Castle. It would have also been accessed by the elevator as well. In the basement there was to be an elaborate wine cellar, as well as rooms for supplies for the castle. A room would have been used to keep ice. There was also to be a bakery down there, a boiler room for steam heating of the house and swimming pool, and a couple of dressing and lounging rooms – to be used in conjunction with the indoor swimming pool. The original plans called for fireplaces in every room. The swimming pool is located in front of the castle, facing Alexandria Bay, and access to the underground servants tunnel is nearby as well.

Ground Floor Of Boldt Castle On Heart Island In The 1000 Islands Region Of The St. Lawrence River


1. Vestibule (Original Entrance)
2. Reception Room
3. Billiard Room
4. Dining Room
5. Great Hall
6. Small Porch (to Grounds)
7. Mr. Boldt’s Office
8. Ballroom
9. Library
10. Grand Staircase to 2nd Floor (below grand staircase are stairs to foundation level)
11. Public Restrooms
(not part of original floor plans)
12. Site of Media Presentation (formerly Butler’s Room)
13. Original Maid’s Dining Room
14. Original Kitchen
15. Servant’s Porch
16. Original Servant’s Dining Room
17. Ladies Restroom
(originally a storage area)
18. Men’s Restroom
(originally two seperate restrooms;
1 men’s, 1 ladies)

P – Porch
F – Fireplace
E – Elevator Shaft
OR – Organ Recess

Click on the name of a room above to view it. This will open up a new window. Just hit the ‘X’ button to close out and return to this page.
Shaded Areas Are Closed To The Public

On the first floor, or ground level, is located the reception room, library, Mr. Boldt’s office, the main hall with the grand staircase of white marble, and the dining room. There is also a billiard room and a ballroom, which houses a pipe organ and a keyboard which controls the Westminster Chimes located in the Power House. The ballroom was to be finished in flemish oak and the library in walnut wood-panels. Also on this floor is the butler’s pantries and storerooms, and the maids and servants dining room.

View Many More Images Of These Floors Here

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