4th Floor Plans

Fourth Floor Plans and Attic Space inside

Boldt Castle on Heart Island


1. Dome Skylight
2. Room for Two Servants
3. Room for One Servant
4. Servant’s Room
5. Hughey
(presumably Head Butler)
6. Assistant Butler and Boy
7. Roof Parlor
 8. Observation Deck
 9. Guest Chambers
10. Reading Room
11. Guest Chambers
12. Guest Chambers
13. Stairs to Tower Room
(closed to public)
14. Stairs to Attic

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B – Bath
C – Closet
E – Elevator Shaft
L – Linen
Shaded Areas Are Closed To Public

The fourth floor was to contain servants quarters, guests rooms, a dark room, a studio, a reading room and a roof parlor with an outdoor observation deck. This floor would have also contained the water tank which had the capacity to hold over 10,360 gallons of rainwater. A flight of stairs leads to the Loft and then another leads to the Tower Room, or Lookout, where one would have had a majestic view of the Thousand Islands and the Saint Lawrence River, including Sunken Rock Lighthouse.

A short flight of stairs from the fourth floor is the attic space. Another short flight from this level leads to the Tower Room, or Lookout, from which incredible views of the 1000 Islands and the St. Lawrence River could be obtained. The domed area is where we installed the Stained Glass Dome Skylight, in May of 2001.

The New Stained Glass Dome Sits Directly Over the Grand Staircase of the Great Hall Inside Boldt Castle.

See How The Stained Glass Dome Was Constructed Here

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