2nd Floor Plans

Second & Third Floor Plans of

Boldt Castle on Heart Island


1. 2nd Floor Main Hall
2. Mr. Boldt’s Bath
3. Mr. Boldt’s Chambers
4. Mrs. Boldt’s Chambers
5. Mrs. Boldt’s Bath
6. Miss Boldt’s Chambers
7. Miss Boldt’s Bath
8. Miss Boldt’s Reception Room

 9. Guest Chambers
10. Guest Chambers
11. Loggia (a partially opened
room or gallery)

12 – 18. Guest Chambers
19. Loggia (a partially opened
room or gallery)

20. Stairs To 3rd and 4th Floors

Click on the name of a room above to view it. This will open up a new window. Just hit the ‘X’ button to close out and return to this page.
R – Roof
B – Bath
C – Closet
E – Elevator Shaft
F – Fireplace
W – Wardrobe
BAL – Balcony
Shaded Areas Are Closed To Public

On the second floor of Boldt Castle is the suite of master rooms which were to be occupied by George and Louise Boldt. The master controls for all of the fire and burglar alarm systems are located on this floor, as well as a complete suite of rooms for their daughter Luoise Clover Boldt. A sewing room and servants quarters are also located on this floor. All other rooms were to be elaborate bedroom suites, with a private bath in each one. Each bedroom has a fireplace, & whole families could be accomodated in the wings intended to be used as sleeping quarters. Many of the rooms have private balconies, as shown in the image above.


The third floor is very similar to the second floor, in layout, but does not have the Grand Staircase. This floor was to contain the suite of master rooms for young George Boldt with the remainder of the rooms being guest rooms as well as servants quarters.

Unfortunately, the original floor plans are not available.

View Many More Images Of These Floors Here

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